New Edition Puts Info in Hands of Spanish-Speaking Parents

One of the greatest hurdles in education is engaging parents throughout the course of their child’s academic journey. When those parents don’t speak English, the hurdles are even higher.

Andamio Press is leveling those hurdles with a Spanish language edition of its groundbreaking book, iAndamio! Engaging Hispanic Families for ELL Success Using Brain-Based Learning, by Dr. Susan F. Tierno.

 iAndamio! represents a breakthrough application of brain-based learning research for helping parents with their ELL children, specifically in Hispanic com munities and in support of Title I programs.

A pragmatic and comprehensive book, iAndamio! integrates Dr. Tierno’s researched-based parental engagement program with her “boots on the ground” experience teaching in some of the largest and most diverse school districts in the country.

“I believe iAndamio! is significant and relevant because parents want to know how to help their children in their educational journey. Parent trainings are essential for true engagement to take place. Dr. Tierno’s model works,” says Pat Campos, Title I Coordinator, Laredo ISD.

“Andamio” is the Spanish word for scaffold. As a noun, it perfectly describes the framework, platform, or structure necessary for creating parental engagement. The book itself is a scaffold, building on the following principals for creating real engagement and successful ELL achievement.

  • How to structure
  • Why you structure
  • What you structure
  • When you structure
  • For whom you structure

Additionally, iAndamio! addresses changing demographics, 21st century barriers to learning, the  impact of new technology on education, and how to reach the “swipe generation.”

iAndamio! (English or Spanish edition) is perfect for administrators and parental coordinators who are charged with designing and implementing the programs, teachers who interact with parents, and the parents who want the best possible education for their children.

Dr. Tierno is available for interviews and leading parental engagement sessions at your school. Reach out to her here.