Children’s Books

The Andamio Children’s Book Collection is for both children and parents. By framing the stories around real, everyday situations, the text reveals thinking, reading, and learning strategies that help English Learners (ELs) relate to the information in a pragmatic and profound way. Each title in the Andamio Childrens Book Collection is available in both English and Spanish editions.

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It Was Just Another Problem

Many little problems are the result of a single, larger one. How are they related? My momma said that this was the real me when I was little!

Have You Done Your Homework?

Follow the steps and you will finish your homework with time to spare! Bossy me, I really was born a teacher and told every kid and anyone who would listen what the lesson was about!

I Hate Projects

Projects need plans, ideas, and a theme. Projects need plenty of thinking time. Children are put at ease with the process and support they receive when given a project.

The Plan

It is important to have a master PLAN before you begin a project!

I Did My Best

Think about how you want to do a task to help someone else and you will do your best!  My Pop was in the hospital.  I was visiting  my dad, and watched the little boy visiting his dad in the bed next to my dad’s bed. This is his story.

Best-Ever Day

Cooking is a really fun way to create a PLAN, mix and measure, and work together. That is my momma in the book, teaching my niece and her Japanese friend how to make Christmas Gingerbread houses.  Yes and her own real gingerbread recipe was used.

That’s a Tough Team to Beat

Working in teams can be fulfilling or disappointing to children. In this story our characters learn how to give their best and to face adversity with dignity or victory with humility.