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Spanish edition of ¡Andamio! is now available!



Engaging Hispanic Families for ELL Success Using Brain-Based Learning

Second Edition

Now available in English and Spanish language editions, this revised edition of ¡Andamio!, by Dr. Susan F. Tierno, establishes a novel approach for parental engagement. Dr. Tierno’s “boots on the ground” breakthrough book is a template for creating engagement through brain-based learning trainings, specifically, in Hispanic districts and schools. ¡Andamio! is designed for School Administrators, Title I Parent Coordinators and teachers.

Author signed copies of the English and the Spanish ¡Andamio! are available exclusively through this website for $24.95, plus $5 shipping and handling. To order, just click the Signed Copies Available box below. When ordering, please specify either English or Spanish editions.

Author Signed Copies

Copies of ¡Andamio! in English or Spanish are available signed by the author. Price is $29.95, plus tax. Shipping is free.