Andamio Spanish EditionAndamio Press is excited to share a sneak peek at this summer’s latest additions to our English/Spanish family of publications. In response to the many requests from Spanish-speaking educators and parents, we are proud to announce the upcoming publication of the Spanish edition of ¡Andamio! Engaging Hispanic Families for ELL Success Using Brain-Based Learning. And—the icing on the cake—we anticipate the first of seven children’s books (in both English and Spanish) to be available very soon.

The Spanish edition of ¡Andamio! is in the final stages of production and slated for release in August. This new edition incorporates all of the parent engagement insights, ELL learning tools, tech strategies, and research conducted by Dr. Susan F. Tierno featured in the English edition, allowing Spanish speakers to absorb the nuances of information in their own native language.

Have You Done Your Homework? book cover.Have You Done Your Homework? is the first of seven children’s books written by Dr. Tierno to promote thinking skills. Previously published through a different company, these playful books use charming illustrations and simple narratives to help children understand and practice the everyday tasks of learning. Andamio Press will publish one new title in English and Spanish each month until all seven books are available. We know you and your children will enjoy sharing these wonderful stories and learning together!

Both ¡Andamio! Spanish Edition and Dr. Tierno’s children’s books will be available for purchase online through all the regular outlets. Watch the Andamio Press website for release dates and additional previews of our new titles.

4.0 out of 5 stars, Amazon

Andamio! is, at its core, a solution for engaging families for ELL success derived from lived experiences. It is clear, concise, thought-provoking, and filled with essential strategies for ensuring student success. If you are a teacher looking for ways to better engage parents and students, this is a must-read.