Children are growing up in an unprecedented age of information delivery. Since 2009, when Steve Jobs introduced iPhone and iPads, these devices and new apps have been bringing more information than ever to our doorsteps. From email, YouTube, and cable TV, to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tik-Tok, social media delivers information faster than it can be processed, resulting in the way our kids’ brains function.

It’s not so much how children use the brain’s natural ability to sort, organize, analyze, and evaluate information for better understanding today. Rather, it’s what we can do to re-form, enhance, and channel these natural thinking abilities to effectively process the vast amount of information that will truly have an impact on their tomorrows.

Dr. Susan F. Tierno Reviewing BooksBased on this rationale—and during the Think-parents are Powerful program, when parents raised issues and concerns about reading and the internet—the Andamio Children’s Book Collection was born. Parents wanted (and needed!) definitive tools to work with their kids. This new book collection was created out of love and service to our diverse population of kids, schools, and communities everywhere.

Currently in English and Spanish, the Andamio Children’s Book Collection is for both children and parents. By framing the stories around real, everyday situations, the text reveals thinking, reading, and learning strategies that help the English Learners (ELs) relate to the information in a pragmatic and profound way.

We invite you now to preview our new Andamio Children’s Book Collection and products! Dedicated to kids and their futures … Designed to help your children discover that learning and problem-solving can be fun!