It Was Just Another Problem is one of my seven memory storybooks that makes me laugh, but allows me to offer a valuable message that will help children to develop critical habits in life.

Where does this come from?

It Was Just Another Problem - page 6How many times have your children rushed through their morning routine encountering one obstacle after another? It is not hard for one simple mistake to spur on a myriad of hindrances. A day without hindrances is a day without difficulty. A day without handling any type of difficulty is a day that follows poor sleep habits. Leaving your child in their room, with the TV on, or playing games on the ipad is hard on the eyes, and therefore the brain. The LED lights from both cause dendritic disruption, leaving the brain to think it must be daytime.

But why?

Think about it, the world of technology has seeped into our homes (including the bedrooms). It is a function the hybrid approach learning in our schools. After two years of virtual teaching, the children I serviced with Google meets and Google classrooms notably heard me say each hour, “ please stop here—and drink some juice—it is good blood sugar for the brain.” Several times a day I would repeat this miniscule habit. At the end of the day, I repeated one more habit, “after your homework, eat a good dinner and go to bed by 8 PM.” Knowing that 6-year-olds need this timeframe, it was repeated loudly enough that parents, and or adults in the background could hear this message. I knew that the brain zaps the body’s glucose in order to function with web based strategies and learning activities during hybrid learning.

Interestingly enough, in all my research of the growing brain, the most captivating notation cited, that over 60% of the problems with children’s behaviors in school and at home are from a poor habit; The lack of sleep. The brain largely affects learning and memory. Memory depends on sleep. The simplest of habits and routines in our home or school seem to be concentrated as obstacles without sleep. Sleep is what forms and shapes behaviors. No behavior for a child happens in isolation. Each action becomes a clue that creates the next.

This memory-story, It Was Just Another Problem, was my momma’s favorite. She said it was clearly me as a child dealing with routines because I just did not use the good habit, which then caused me problems during my day. That was decades ago. This has emerged as a current generational learning problem for our children.