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In Dr.Tierno’s first book: Andamio! Engaging Hispanic Families for ELL Success, she notes that:

Andamio Book Cover“The rapidly changing world of teaching and learning catapulted teachers and parents into unprecedented social and learning change. Communities faced challenges that forced teachers and parents to interface during one of the most historic pandemics. This inter-connection to the era of the “Swipe Generation” caused both teachers and parents of all socio-economic levels to learn on Google Classroom, Zoom and many other platforms to reach our children at home.


The Swipe Generation is all those children who were born after Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone and iPad. This new era created digital natives and changed the landscape of how to use gadgets. Parents of all socio-economic levels flocked to the new devices allowing their children to immerse in the new technology. The current generation of parents have allowed their children to become totally occupied, absorbed, consumed and in a growing number of cases obsessed with any and all gadgets.


Our Think-parents are powerful™ training includes working with parents in how to use technology to help their children learn at home. So too, our Think-campreneur™ offers a complete fun seminar in creating innovative websites, social media and Google sites!” (Chapter 1: Andamio!)

Learn more about brain-based learning with your own copy of Dr. Tierno’s groundbreaking book, ¡Andamio! Engaging Hispanic Families for ELL Success Using Brain-Based Learning.

If you’re interested in bringing one of Dr. Tierno’s leadership training sessions or academies to your school or school district, reach out to her through the Let’s Think-Kids Foundation.